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Affordable, Effective and Convenient Driving Lessons

Our driving school is in Montreal. We strive to improve the quality of our students with new learning techniques.

Qazi Driving School has designed classes with the busy student in mind. We have a very flexible system of classes that allows students to take the classes at the convenience of their time and at their own pace. In some schools you have a very strict schedule for taking the classes and this does not work into a lot of the current schedules of kid’s busy lives. We offer driving courses that will give you the optimal learning and road safety to help you to achieve your goals. The driving school has had a successful vision demonstrating its effectiveness for many years. Our statistics are very favorable, since most of our students are licensed from their first attempt. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

We offer you a series of benefits enjoyed by students each year:

  • More than 12 years of experience in the field.
  • High quality automobile courses
  • Reliable, competent, patient and motivated instructors.
  • A professional, safe, rigorous and personalized training approach.
  • Special care for the nervous students and technically guided.
  • Quality services at reasonable prices
  • Use the training car for your road tests
  • Recognized expertise in training and upgrading foreign drivers.
  • Flexible schedules and payment terms.
  • Courses with current and adapted content, all recognized by the SAAQ

What is the No. 1 objective of Qazi Driving School?

To allow you to get your driver’s licence on the first attempt and within a desired time frame!

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