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Are you thinking of a career as a truck driver? It is a job that requires patience, skill, and an adventurous spirit. Not any and every driver can start driving trucks. Truck drivers undergo extensive training, and they have to pass stringent tests to achieve the goal. It is also important to know that the eligibility and other guidelines for becoming a truck driver vary from country to country and region to region. In Canada, the Canadian Trucking Alliance conducted a study to understand this profession demand and supply. They found that the gap was huge, and the shortfall has continued to increase. The answer is clear for people who wonder if there is any future in becoming a truck driver. Yes! There is a significant demand for truck drivers in Canada and even more so in Montreal. You can earn well and, with the right experience and training, go on to earn much more than many other professions. The key is to enroll yourself in a good and reputed training school and not try any shortcuts.

Do you need to go to a driving school?

If you are one of those who think of themselves as great drivers and don’t think they need any classes, all we can say is that you are wrong! Driving a car is very different from driving a truck and requires a very different set of skills. When driving a heavy vehicle such as a truck, if a driver is careless, the extent of damage and injury can be much more. It is important to go through proper training to acquire the right skills to become a safe truck driver. However, it is also necessary to choose the right driving school. Qazi truck driving school in Montreal is one such institution. It has an excellent record and provides the best training to any aspiring truck driver. You get not only great instructors but also the most modern and comprehensive way of training as well. The driving school has been around since 2004 and earned a reputation for caring and training responsible driving drivers. The instructors have vast experience and teach in a professional yet friendly manner. Obtaining a truck driving license is not very easy, and they will help you get through the process.

Steps To Get A Truck Driver’s License

If you have decided to become a truck driver, knowing the process and following the right steps can help you achieve your aim faster and better. A good driver training school will be able to help you hone your skills and fulfill all the criterias. Here are the steps outlined to become a truck driver.

Meet all the requirements of SAAQ

SAAQ or Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec is the main authority in Quebec, where Montreal is. SAAQ is responsible for licensing both vehicles and drivers in the province of Quebec. It lays down a few basic requirements for drivers.

  • A good driving record
  • When applying for a heavy vehicle license, demerit points should be less than 4. 
  • The applicant’s license has not been revoked or suspended in the past 2 years. 
  • Necessary driving experience
  • At least 36 months of driving experience with a class 5 driver’s license. 
  • Must have completed 260 hours of driving a class 1 vehicle on public roads, plus completed 40 hours of road practice with a training school. 

Medical exam along with vision test

SAAQ demands that all applicants undergo a vision test at any of their authorized outlets. A doctor should fill the medical form, which gives all relevant information. You can ask any doctor to fill the form, and once completed, applicants should submit it at SAAQ. Applicants can move to step 3 only if SAAQ approves. 

Registering for a heavy vehicle driving course

The main reason for registering for a driving course is to get guidance and help pass the theory test successfully. The SAAQ recommends specific study material to prepare for the theory test. A good driving school will make sure that you learn this theory and pass the test on the first try. this material includes: 

  • Driver’s handbook
  • Driving a heavy vehicle
  • Can include an Online Driver’s Education Program as well

At Qazi truck driving school, you will get to learn all of these topics and much more. The online classes allow students to learn at their own pace and convenience. Once an applicant passes the theory exam, he moves on to the driving test. 

Register in a driving school to prepare for the road test

Once an applicant has passed the theory test, he needs to wait for 30 days before the road driving test. This is set in place by SAAQ and the 30 days start from the day the applicant passes the theory test. During these 30 days, applicants have to enroll in a driving course and complete 20 hours of supervised driving. The road test consists of: 

  • Driving
  • Pre-trip inspection

Depending on the skill level of the applicant, the driving school can have different training schedules. Proper instructions on pre-trip inspection, back-ups, shifting, etc., will smooth out any problems a candidate may have. A one-on-one session for actual driving is necessary to cover all aspects. 

The final step of the SAAQ road test

After completing the practical training as per the guidelines, now it is time to take the road test. The road test at the SAAQ consists of two parts:

  • Testing of applicants based on their heavy vehicle driving skills. This may include the following and more: 
  • Safety aspects
  • Safety margins
  • Control of the vehicle
  • Upshifting and downshifting
  • Navigating different traffic conditions
  • Back-up and docking
  • The pre-trip inspection, which must be completed in the allotted time.

Once the applicant has passed both parts of the exam, he is ready to drive professionally. You can see how extensive and exhaustive the whole process of obtaining a heavy vehicle driving license is. This is why a school like the Qazi truck driving school is a good option for candidates who don’t want to waste time or money. The instructors will impart the right knowledge in the right way. 

More information about the truck driving industry

The trucking industry in Canada has been facing a labor shortage since before the COVID-19 hit, and now the gap between supply and demand for trained truck drivers is growing wider. Transporting essential goods and helping with skyrocketing online shopping, the truck driving industry is in an ascending phase. The government takes all the steps to support the industry and offers many incentives such as wage increases, safety training, and even immigration initiatives to attract foreign workers. On average, this blue-collar job can pay between Canadian $30000 and $65000. The exact salary will, of course, depend on the skill and experience of the truck driver. Quebec is going to see a massive demand for heavy vehicle drivers, and to get ahead, candidates should enroll in a good school as early as possible. The top 10 to 15% of the truck drivers may even make more than $65000. However, it is not an easy job, and before investing your time and money in a truck driving school, you must be clear about your goals.

How much will it cost to become a truck driver?

The SAAQ demands that a candidate gets hands-on training from a driving school accredited with them before the road test. So, even if you are a great driver, you will need to join a training school. The truck driving school fees will mostly start from approximately $5000 and may cost more as well. The total fees will depend on factors such as:

  • How small or big is the school
  • Is it fully one-on-one training or in groups?
  • How much training do you need? 
  • If you need more driving practice, it will cost you more
  • Experience of the instructors, etc.


It is best to find out about the training fee before deciding on a truck driving school. Qazi truck driving school has a good reputation for being transparent and not charging any hidden or extra fees. Price cannot be the only criteria for choosing a training school. Look for a heavy vehicle driving school with a good reputation and is known for delivering on its promises. Ask other truck drivers, read about different training schools, compare them, and then only decide. The money you spend will be a good investment in your career. A good driving school will know about:

  • Different test routes
  • Cares and supports the students
  • Offers trial classes before enrolling


There is no doubt that truck drivers are much in demand, and it is a lucrative option at present and in the future. When many people are sitting at home with no jobs and no prospects in sight, truck drivers have no problem bagging a job. With the help of the right truck driving school, any aspiring truck driver can equip himself with the right skills and make a great life for himself. 

Excited to start your journey?